About Me

I have a lot of experience building casual games, serious games, kids content, and general app de-velopment. My games have 10 million plays on AddictingGames.

I sometimes teach part time at The Academy of Art in San Francisco teaching VR and AR, OOP, sto-rytelling, mobile development, UX, game development and game design.

I'm a developer, however in my years of experience I have also mentored and project managed, and managed small and medium sized teams. I've also been a producer, writer, prototyper, designer, and animator. I'm a leader, mentor and collaborator. I'm a huge creative and technical asset to any team.

Game Play - jumping, shooting, the "feel" of the game, mobile user input challenge solutions
AI - seeking, avoiding, flocking, path finding, state machines with commands, conversation mechan-ics with branches
Prototyping - MVP, have a rep for creating stable rapid prototypes that are easy to extend and inte-grate into larger projects
Creatives – Much of my experienced is in a role that works directly with creatives if not a part of the creative team
Animation - effects, stories, transitions, player and NPC states
UI/UX - animation, responsiveness, transitions, creating fun feeling, creating delightful experiences
Clients include: MTV, AddictingGames, SparkTop.org, Schwab Learning, EA, Hasbro, TNT, TechTV, Stanford, UC Berkeley, Grace Cathedral, GreatSchools, UCSF, Age Of Learning.

Unity ARFoundation
Unity SteamVR Plugin
ActionScript – PureMVC, Starling, Citrus, GreenSock, Away3D, IN2AR

Free HTML5 Bootstrap Template

This Is What I Love To Do


Using good code composition to build easy to use and extend tools. Recognizing strengths and managing team members. 


Discovering new tools and technology. Finding creative effective solutions. Finding innovative uses for discovered technology.


Leading by example and with integrity. Building strong teams that work hard. 


Development, UX, motion editing, feel, mentoring, managing and leading.